Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Universe

Theory claims to offer the first 'evidence' our Universe is a hologram.
Everything you see and experience in 3D, including time, could be an illusion.

[read the article here]

Horror Trailer

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Series 1 Apple Watch



Bought refurbished $220

2 bands included

$200 obo

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Buy Me This

Please and Thank You.

Truly something I don't need, but would like to have on my desk at the office.
A 1:26 scale replica of the Seinfeld set.

[buy it for me here]

Monday, February 6, 2017

Death Of Pablo

An interesting project of songs created out of Kanye West on stage rants.

Download the songs at Bandcamp here.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Executive Orders

Just because this is in the news a lot lately. A chart for your viewing and education pleasure.

Friday, January 27, 2017


Go here and see an object captured on camera by the International Space Station.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Political Post- Warning

Be ready to be mad at me.

I will preface this with I don't like Trump. I also don't like Hilary.

I didn't vote for either.

I respected the showing of all the people who marched this past Saturday. But while I can deduce the intent, the reason... it felt like too little too late. I feel the focused message was lost.

Too many people trying to prove they can make clever signs. Looking for that instagram moment rather than making the message to the masses clear. Because if I (a person who is concerned) doesn't clearly totally get it, then the people it is aimed at most certainly did not get it.

What is the desired outcome?

Seems like it would have been better to do before the election. Not after the inauguration.

[yeah these signs are funny] But is funny the right message?

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ragtime Tattoo

A little piece we did about our friend Matt Hodel and his awesome shop Ragtime. I can’t thank my friends who helped make this happen enough.

Director: Jeff Rifkin
DP/Editor: Jon Michael Ryan
Sound: David Kerins
AC/Aerial: Joey Jetton
Music: “Rain Plans” by Israel Nash (used with permission)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Regular Show Finale

After 8 seasons it came to an end. If you have never watched Regular Show, you need to start at the beginning and do so. It's not just a good animated show, it's a good show.

The finale was bittersweet.

I had thoght the series ended about a montha go. There had been no more episodes airing. And I was pissed. Becasue there was no actual conclusion. I was so pissed I emailed Cartoon Network.

I was very excited to see the final episodes last night.

And in the immortal words of Pops... Jolly Good Show.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Here We Go Steelers!

Watching the Steelers game against the Dolphins last week a friend of mine had the great idea that we should drive to Kansas City for their next game vs the Chiefs on Sunday.

Tickets were around $100, so we were going to play it by ear. Maybe go in the game, maybe just tailgate.

Well then there was the threat of ice storms.

But where that made us question if we would be able to go, it also made ticket prices plummet.

I got tickets for $30.

Even if we didn’t go, we were out $30. Big deal.

Well day of the game I texted my friends in KC to see what the weather was really like, since the map looked horrible.

No ice. just drizzle.

During the drive up we did see at least 30 cops trying to catch speeders.

We got to Arrowhead. It was an amazing night. Cold but not awful. And it seemed like the rain was not going to happen.

The crowd was intense. No one ever sat down for a second.

It was my first NFL playoff game ever. It was awesome to get the see the Steelers, and that they won.

Met a lot of nice steelers fans from all over the country.

Now if we can just beat the EVIL team this coming Sunday.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Weekend fun.

Saturday around 10am the power went out at my house. The whole house went out so I knew if was some bigger problem not just our circuit breakers.

I reported the outage to Ameren.

I got a voicemail letting me know power would be restored around 1pm. Then I got another that it was fixed at noon.


So fast forward to 1030pm. I was going to take a shower. Turn on the water... nothing but cold. Damn. the hot water heater breaker was tripped.

I went to reset it. POP! it flips right back off. I try again. Nothing.

I assume the breaker was bad.  So I remove the breaker. And mind you I hate dealing with electricity. I get the breaker out. Go to bed sans shower.

Sunday go to the hardware store first thing, buy a new breaker, install it.

POP! same thing.

I turn to the internet. It says probably a bad heating element. So I call a plumber.

Oh boy Sunday emergency charges.

Plumber comes out (Percision Plumbing. Awesome people) he checks stuff, and then discovers something he has never seen before. The wiring going into the Water heater was FRIED. He said we were lucky there was not a fire.

So now I call an electrician. (they were also awesome although I am blanking on their name).

Guy looks it over. Fixes it no problem.

So sure I'm out $300+ but I at least have two go to places for these services now.

We are filing claims with Ameren, so hopefully I can recoup some if not all of my costs.

Oh... home ownership.

Yeah... this

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

When You Die

Saw this on the internets.

What if when we die the light at the end of the tunnel is the light to another hospital room, there we are born and the only reason you come out crying is because you remember everything from your past life and you're crying at the fact that you died and lost everything, as you grow you start to forget your past life and focus on the life you have now, but patches of memory stay behind and that memory causes deja vu. Think 'bout that for a second..

Monday, December 26, 2016

Movie Review

I really don’t do reviews here anymore. I only do that on my Haiku Movie Review account on Instagram. But while I did a review for this movie there last night, for this film that just isn’t enough.

The movie is I Origins. It is one of the best movies I have seen in a long long time. I think it could easily make may favorites of all time list.

It is by the director who did the movie Another earth, which I liked a lot. I knew absolutely nothing about I Origins going into it last night. Not one bit. And maybe that made it even better.

The acting was good. The story was amazing. The score was good. The song use was good.

It is a deep complex movie about some major subject matter.

I can’t recommend this movie enough.

As soon as it was over, I wanted to see it again. I had a digital copy, but ordered the Blu Ray today.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Did Something New Last Night

I went to Float STL.

I was in a pod.

It was an interesting experience. I will most likely do it again.

You lay in an enclosed pod in salt water, floating in pitch black and silence.

It was very relaxing. It was very bizarre.

It felt like being somewhere between a dream and awake. The first 15 minutes they play music in the pod. During that time I wasn't sure if I'd be down for the full 90 minutes. Seemed like a lot to float in nothingness.

But then I was just there with my thoughts.

My eyes played some tricks on me.

I fell into some weird dream like thing, but when I thought I should open my eyes, I realized they were open.

I do think it is worth trying. But certainly not for everyone.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Blog

Since I found myself posting less on here (it has been over 10 years) I had my instagram photos appearing here. Well I am turning that off. I think I will gather things I want to post throughout the week and post everything all at one time each week.

Since I no longer review movies here (you have to go to my haiku movie review instagram account for them now) and I have no been getting much from record labels I am reviewing less music.

So I am not sure what content I will post. But I just can’t give up doing this. I also don’t have the energy to do it daily.