Monday, August 25, 2014

This Came Up On Shuffle

I so love this song.

Burn Pigs Burn- Pitchfork

I'm painting you
and all the ugly things you do.
You're holding a machete your mustache
makes your arms too long.
Goddamn - I got a memory.
Yeah, man, I got a family.
I'll see your face in the closet,
cold cocked in the dark and left for dead
Burn pigs burn, man,
you'll learn pigs learn, yea.

Gonna kick into your pumpkin
gonna put you on a mailing list.
I'm peeling out in your garden,
you better go and count your kids
fuck yeah
I got a piano wire
yeah man, I'm gonna build a fire
gonna follow you down to the park
and gonna throw your shoes in the kite eating tree.

Movie Review


The concept intrigued me. The entire movie is just Tom Hardy driving a car, talking on the phone. I do think Tom Hardy is excellent, in this movie as well as so many others.

I applaud the ambition to do this movie. But ultimately it didn't work for me. I was bored. I didn't really care about the character. I was just an observer watching him have conversations and a pretty bad day.

But in the end, I didn't care the outcome of any of his situations.

I can't recommend this.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy Anniversary Blog

It was today 2007 that I started this silly blog.

I started it to promote an alley cat race Jake and I were organizing.

I had no plans to do anything with this blog other than promote that one race. And now here we are 7 years, 5321 posts  later.

There have been 2698 comments left here.

So thanks for reading and looking at the dumb things I post.
I have no plan to stop.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Good kids help to stop teasing

Band of brothers rally around boy, 6, to stop teasing: Some young boys from Bridgewater show they are truly wise beyond their years when they rally around a boy who was being teased.