Saturday, June 25, 2011

Been Watching Lots Of Documentaries.

Netflix streaming is probably the best thing ever to happen to documentaries. Everyone I know who has it, watches more documentaries than they ever had. It is just such great access to titles you would have maybe never heard of or been able to find before. Here are ones I've watched recently. If you've seen any good ones, let me know. I'll add them to my queue.

God grew tired of us-
This was great. Equally depressing and uplifting. Story of the "lost boys" from Sudan, and their story from refugee camps to then following several of them to live in America, and their experiences. This is a must see.

The Parking Lot Movie-
Over educated hipster guys who work at a parking lot, and their dealings with the people who park there. Very funny and interesting.

Philosopher Kings-
This shows us several people who are janitors at colleges. So many great interesting people.

Transcendent Man-
Follows Ray Kurzweil, and shows the ideas he has of technology in the future. He has made many predictions before and many have come true. SOme of what he is saying is equally cool and scary. The guy is crazy smart, and probably a little just crazy too.

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