Monday, August 8, 2011

Brief recap

Friday- Drank outside at Tin Can. Shocker. Ate Jack in the Box tacos.

Saturday- Hung out with Jake. Saw Rise of the Planet of The Apes. (it was very cool). Swam. Rode bikes in Edwardsville. Drank. Ate Jack in the Box ultimate cheeseburger. Swam.

Sunday- Swam. Picked up Nancy and Jett at the airport. Ate a burrito and nachos. Watched TV.

Monday- (thus far) Swam. Pulled weeds. Saw my friend Suzanne. Swam. Grocery shopped. Ate sushi. Played around with mixing a song.

And now it is now.

I betting swim will make the list again.

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Eamonn said...

Wow I got a mention.