Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Still Have A House

So while Nancy, Jett and I were out of the country we had left our house to Elias (our 17 year old son).

He had never stayed alone that long before.

I had a list of things that must be done each day. Most of it revolved around the pool and yard. Plus his list of rules while we were gone.

We had also given a few neighbors the heads up of what was happening, as well as contact phone numbers for friends and family if anything was amiss while we were gone.

The house, pool and yard looked great.

I was very very proud of him.

The only bad thing was when I walked into the house (mind you the outside temperature was 100 at the time) the inside temperature was 96.

A broken AC the day I get back was not what I wanted. Turned out it was just a thrown breaker. So I told him what he should do in that case if there was a next time.

The house is now back down to a nice temperature.

Thanks for all your help Elias.

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Dad said...

Glad you are back and happy everything went well. Great pictures. Good going Elias.