Sunday, September 11, 2011


So ten years ago today I was driving to work at Momentum (in the Loop). I was early and listening to Howard Stern. Which is where I first heard of the report that a plane hit the WTC. They didn't have any real information and they and myself thought of some little propeller plane if it was a real report.

I got to the office, went to my desk and goggled a search for this news.

Nothing came up at all.

I turned on Howard Stern and they were still talking about it.

A few other co-workers got to the office, and we started to discuss the story.

Soon we walked over to the hallway in the office that had a bank of TVs. It was all finally on the news.

Everyone stood there unbelieving.

My friend Dave who worked there at the time (who also happened to be a colonel in the reserves) said he knew he would deployed soon. He was right.

The office let everyone head home.

Nancy and I spent most of the day in front of the TV watching it all unfold.

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