Monday, September 12, 2011

Full Moon

Tonight is a full moon.
That means there will be an FBC full moon fiasco ride.

I will not be going.
Weeknights are just hard to justify staying out that late.
And I have to admit the rides might have grown too large for me. On the one hand I love how large the crowd has gotten from nothing other than word of mouth. But I do so miss the rides where 50 people would seem like a lot.

I would never swear off FBC rides altogether, because there are too many folks I have met through them that are fun to see and hang out with.

But there are plenty of other nights to ride bikes and see people.


Seth Teel said...

I feel ya on size and week night rides. Perhaps we should try to start a word of mouth monthly weekend ride. or Week night ride that starts earlier.

Jeff said...

I like the idea of an inclusive once a month friday night ride.

I respect the hell out of the full moon, no matter the night or the weather.

But would be very interested in doing something that I could go on.

Jake H said...

I toootally agree! shoot me up with paint! then lets ride under the moon.