Monday, September 19, 2011

More Netflix Crap

There was an announcement from the Netflix CEO last night.

You can read it here. Plus thousands and thousands of angry comments.

Here is the comment I left:

Mr. Hastings, I am sure your mailbox is beyond full after sending this notice out. I love Netflix. I have been a member for probably about 10 years.

I understand you are running a business and need to make money. But it pains me to see a service and brand I proudly supported and would sing the praises of do such crappy things to it's customers.

 When the price increase was first announced had it been something more along the lines of: streaming- $8 mo 1 dvd- $8 mo both services- $13 mo (or some sort of package deal)
Had you given a discount to people who carry the dvd service and the streaming service.
Rather than just charge full price for whtever services you get. Far fewer people would've been angry.

 This morning I quit the dvd service. I do hope I can remain a streaming service customer.

But that will all depend on how things change in the coming months.

 You have pushed me to use your competitors for any dvd rental I want to make.

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