Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Thus Far

So Friday night there was a 25th high school reunion happy hour. There were other events happening over the rest of the weekend as well but this was the only thing I planned on going to.

Anyway... I knew several of my friends who I am still in fairly regular contact were not going to be able to go, luckily my friend Paul was going to be there. Good thing since the event was yet another  reminder of how shitty my memory is. I recognized so few people, it makes me wonder if I really went to high school there at all. Names ring a bell, and there are some faces that look familiar, but rarely does it all come together. But I will say there was a handful of people who looked exactly the same.

Saturday Jett went and got his haircut in the morning. We took in pictures of Jay Adams as a little kid as the haircut he wanted. Then Jett had a play date with a friend he had met at summer camp.

Last night our friends Scott and Jackie came over with their 4 month old daughter. We grilled food, had some drinks, sat by the firepit. It was a good time. Babies threw up. Typical stuff.

Then Nancy and I watched Bridesmaids. It was good. Funny, but not hilarious. But it's worth seeing.

I also bought the blu ray of the movie Win Win yesterday too. I had seen it on the plane coming back from Denmark, but since I really liked it I kinda want to see it on a screen bigger than the ones on the back of an airplane seat.

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