Thursday, October 27, 2011


So they are arguing with FOX about money. And since they can't come to an agreement they are going to drop these channels from DirecTV subscribers:
FOX Soccer
FOX Soccer Plus
FOX Movie Channel
National Geographic Channel
FOX Deportes
FOX Sports Midwest

I for one can say if they do this I will drop my DirecTV service.

I do not want to be a pawn in their negotiation game.

Some of my favorites shows are on channels that will be lost.

There are other choices out there.

Get your head out of your ass DirecTV.

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DoeHands said...

WOAH! I COULD NOT live with myself if I were paying for cable and NOT getting FX and FUEL TV. Nat Geo I don't watch so much and I'm not sure you'd care about the spanish sports channel so much unless you were trying to learn spanish, but WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT!!!!!!!! I was thinking about moving my Charter to ATT Uverse because I have that for internet anyways, and I'm sick of the price on my cable bill changing prices on me so inconsistently and inexplicably.

Ben said...

I will drop DIRECTV in a heartbeat if they drop those channels.

I think they know this and will cave to Fox in the end. But if not...