Sunday, October 16, 2011

Movie Review

Jackie Brown-

I saw this the day it came out. I was highly anticipating this movie because I loved Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. I went into the movie with a preconceived notion of what type of movie it was going to be.

It was not that movie. When I left the theater I thought... meh.

The Blu Ray of the movie recently was released. I thought I would give it another chance.

Going into it this time I had the right mindset. It's a movie based on an Elmore Leonard book (Out of Sight, Get Shorty), adapted by a director who has a cool style.

I enjoyed it far more this time around. The movie looks great. I was able to notice the theme of age and growing older. I wasn't waiting for the horrible things to happen that are in normal QT movies.

So maybe if you too weren't thrilled the first time, give it a second chance.

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