Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chili Cook-off

We have a contest at my office.

Two of my friends and I entered to try and win hottest chili this year.

Our plan was to make a chili so hot it was mostly inedible. We bought a ton of insanely hot peppers and spices. We added far beyond a normal amount to a very small batch of chili.

I cooked it overnight. The whole peppers pretty much liquified.

I was scared to taste it.

It was actually really good.

My co-creators thought the same.

People at the office found it very hot but tasty.

We will know if we won at 5PM.

We called our chili Waiver Chili


Ra Cha Cha said...

so who won? and who won the dessert competition?

Jeff said...

Not us. We were a close second.
No idea.

DoeHands said...

Whatever, close second is awesome for a spicy chili, I bet you just didn't win because of the wimps that hate spicy food.

DoeHands said...

ps- is that illustration of Tad?

Jeff said...

It is Tad.