Sunday, February 26, 2012

Apple Baffles Me

I need to upgrade my OS. We are still on 10.5.8.

So I went online, and you have to order snow leopard, but the latest OS (Lion) is a download only from the app store. Catch is you have to have snow leopard to be able to upgrade to Lion. There is no skipping over one.

So I have a free afternoon, so I figured I would go buy Snow leopard today at the Apple store, install it, then do the Lion upgrade too. Get it all out of the way while I have the time.

So I went to the Apple store near me. Asked to buy a copy of snow leopard. Only to be told they no longer sell it in store. That I would have to order it online.

I was shocked. How could I not buy an apple product in the Apple store?

They did suggest a local 3rd party dealer as well. So the actual staff was nice and helpful.

I'm just surprised that they have eliminated the chance of instant gratification from the store.

And yes, I understand that from here on out the upgrades will be all done online. But that is not the case for Snow Leopard. And it's not like Lion has been out years, and I am so super slow to upgrade to it.

But I came home and ordered it online. Not a big deal. Just an odd thing overall.

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