Friday, March 9, 2012

Movie Review

The Silent House-

So this was the original movie from Uruguay. The remake came out today.

Why anyone would see this hunk of crap and decide that it needs to be remade in English is beyond me.

There's hardly any dialogue to begin with, so you can see the original and not have many subtitles to read.

With a plot that makes little to no sense, and a twist that isn't a twist at all, since the movie blatantly lies to you in order to reveal the twist.

And the whole part about being one long shot and that the action takes place in real time. Pure crap. It is made up of several long shots, and the action (if you could call it that) suffers from trying to use the technique.


Paul said...

Not to be confused with Silent House starring Elisabeth Olsen, an actress my lady friend is apparently in love with.

Jeff said...

The one you mention is the remake