Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Presenting Creative

I'm not seeing much good creative out there lately. Most TV spots are forgettable. Print ads cram too much shit in them. And other things leave me wondering what was the intended take away.

But is the blame how creative is being presented to the clients?

It seems clients are more scared than ever and want data, data and more data to prove why they should do what you are saying. Then after they see and accept page after page of explanation, they see the creative.

Problem is, the consumer won't have some agency person standing next to them explaining every last bit of what they are seeing, what they should do and what it all means.

Why not show the client the work with no explanation first?

And show it to them as close as to how it would be seen in the actual world? If you are showing POS show it in a store situation, for only a few seconds. Then ask the client which option worked for them.

Then you can go into why that version pays off on the brand, etc.

Clients have seem to have forgotten the consumer, and the agencies main concern is to sell the client.

So in the end everyone loses. It is a very short sighted view of how to do and retain business.

But we seem to live in a short sighted world. So why does any of this surprise me?

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Tad said...

I like your idea of hiring a person to explain to the consumer what it all means. A personal touch.