Wednesday, May 30, 2012

TV, Movies and Swimming

That's what I've been up to. And not really in that order.

We watched Kung Fu Panda 2. It was actually a good action movie.

We watched the latest episode of The Pitch. They picked the expected idea. But that idea didn't suck. It was just safe and easy to say yes to.

Jett and I watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He did not like it. Too many people being mean to each other for his taste.

We are still really enjoying watching Girls and Veep on HBO. Te latest episode of Girls had a cool song in a scene that I had to buy when the show was over.

Yesterday as soon as I got home I headed to the pool. Always the perfect way to end a day. Just annoyed that it's supposed to be cold the next few days.

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