Sunday, June 3, 2012

Restaurant Review

The Tavern-

We went with a large group of friends last night.

Nancy and I had been wanting to try this place for at least 9 months. But it's location seemed so far away (2961 dougherty ferry road). Shockingly it only took us about 10 minutes to get there and we never had to get on a highway.

The restaurant was very accommodating for our party of 13.

Our waiter was absolutely amazing. And was great by splitting off the checks to the sets of couples at dinner, making life when the bill arrives far easier on all of us.

We started off with some sangria. It was tasty, but a little weak.

Our appetizer was roasted bone marrow. I've never seen it on a menu before so we had to order it. The presentation was very nice, but there wasn't really much marrow, and the crostini over-powered the flavors.

For an entree I got the bacon wrapped meatloaf. When it came out the look of it surprised me. It was the shape of a summer sausage. The meatloaf was good. The mashed potatoes it was served on were fine as well. I had also ordered a side of Truffle Mushroom Mac n’ Cheese. This was the best thing I ate all night. Super creamy and the flavors were awesome.

The waiter then informed us that they were bringing out free desserts for the table. I don't remember all the details of the desserts, but they were fine. Maybe if I hadn't been so stuffed I would have enjoyed them more.

It is on the expensive side, but the atmosphere is laid back and nice, the staff was amazing. We would go there again, but on the ride home we said we would probably rather eat a couple appetizers and sides with a few drinks at the bar next time we go.

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