Sunday, July 29, 2012


I like bikes.

I have for the majority of my life.

I wish I could ride more lately, but life has gotten in the way.

But what I can't stand is people who ride some dumb that they give cyclist a bad name in general.

I have done plenty of dumb things on a bike, but  I try to do all I can to stay out of the way of impeding traffic.

Today when driving home down Clayton rd (where there is a 4ft. wide shoulder, pretty much solely there for bicycles) two riders were riding, one on the shoulder and the other chose to ride next to him at least 3ft. into the lane for cars. Why?

If there is no place to safely ride, then by all means you have a right to the road. But...

As I am saying, I like bikes and it makes me angry. So imagine what it does to people who don't give a rats ass about bikes?

Then there was the other morning as I was driving (once again on Clayton) to work. A woman was riding her bike in the dead center of the lane. I assumed she was going to turn into a driveway very soon.

There was no way around her, so I slowed, being annoyed, but waiting for when she would hopefully turn soon. But she didn't. She just kept right on going. After quite some time, then it turned out she was doing this because she was going to make a left on Spode. She could have simply ridden on the shoulder, and gotten over easily and quickly as her turn came up.

So if you are a person who rides like this, stop doing so.

Yes you have a right to the road just as the cars do. But use your rights in a considerate way. Stop being such a jerk.

You give all cyclists a bad name in doing so.

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