Saturday, July 21, 2012

Three Movie Day

I started by watching The Divide on my computer as Jett was playing downstairs. I was so excited to see this movie because the trailer looked great. After about an hour in I had to put it on pause so Jett and I could head out to see Ice Age: Continental Drift.

It was a fine kids movie. The animation was good. Jett laughed out loud through many parts of the movie. And I dug that Peter Dinklage did the voice of the villain.

When we got home I continued watching The Divide. It was really nothing more than a muddled retelling of The Lord of The Flies. And no where near as good.

Then I had 7pm tickets to see Dark Knight Rises in IMAX. If you are going to see it you have to see this movie in IMAX. It is a huge non-stop ride of a movie. It was a great end to the Batman trilogy. I could easily see myself gong to see it in the theater again.

Ended my movie seeing day with going to The Village bar. Had some delicious food and a few beers. If I could figure out a way to not work anymore so I could spend all my days like this.

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