Thursday, August 30, 2012

Screw Barney's Warehouse

A friend of mine emailed me a link to a blazer I had been wanting.

It was on sale for an awesome price at Barney's warehouse. I looke dup the jackets measurements on another website, since fit was not listed on Barney's site. I determined I needed a Large.

The site called out that all sales were final.

I received my jacket quite quickly. It fit well. But after the first time I wore it, I thought that I might like the XL better.

I went back to the site, and it was on sale for an even cheaper price. I ordered the XL. My plan was if it fit better I would sell my L on ebay.

It arrived. The XL was actually smaller than my L jacket. It was so small the sleeves were short and I can't even button it. It was faulty merchandise.

I emailed Barney's.

The response said all sales were final.

I emailed again, stating I understood that and did not want my money back, just an actual XL jacket.

I received no response.

I emailed again, stating that while I understood their policy, they sold me faulty merchandise.

I received no response.

Barney's if this is how you treat your customers, I will never again be a customer.

Anyone want to buy a really cool Adam Kimmel/Carhartt blue blazer? It's says XL but it's more like a medium. $100. Let me know.

And Barney's you have really shitty customer service.


Ali said...

If you don't get any takers, have DK try it this weekend--if he likes it, I will buy it for him.

Rob said...

I'm a 38, medium, 5'11", 160lbs kind of guy. Is it that kind of medium? If it is and DK doesn't like it, I'll buy it.

and captcha is really hard.

Jeff said...

rob, after DK tries it on, I will let you know.

Rob said...


email is robsparham at google's mail.