Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend and Rambling

Trivia night. Laying low. Poolside brunch. And a lot of watching The Wire.

We won trivia.

The water was warmer than the air temperature. I am scared we are headed for an early fall and the end of pool season is very near.

And I only have 4 episodes left of The Wire. It has been awesome. Season 4 was by far my favorite.

And after being off work for 6 days, I still have no desire to go back. I enjoy being home, having dinner ready for Nancy when she gets home. It makes me miss the freelance days.

Had to get a new car battery today. Jett and I came out of Target to a car that would not start. But my 2008 car did still have the original battery, so that's not too shabby. And we were able to walk to Dobbs, they gave me a jump so I could bring it over to them.

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