Wednesday, September 26, 2012

For A Living

A friend of mine(and fellow blogger) did a post today about career.

I did not set out to do what I do for a living. I truly fell into it. Even though my dad was in the same basic industry, I barely even knew what it was before I started doing it.

I find it very easy. Or at least it should be easy. But when it's not is an entirely different story.

I think I ended up doing this because it's sort of what I did when I wasn't getting paid to do it. The job has a lot to do with creating, wanting to stay on top of cool things, trends, etc. To want to have an opinion and share it. These are just ways I always was.

So it just made sense that I ended up in this industry. I think the industry is catching up to that idea, of hiring people who may have not set out, gone to school or design/advertising/writing, but finding people who are creative. Because you can teach software, you can make someone a better designer or writer.

I too would be fine if this is not what I did to make money. I would still do a lot of what I do. I would just do even fewer layouts and presentations than I do now.

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