Sunday, November 25, 2012

Movie Review

Jiro Dreams of Sushi-

A documentary on a 10 seat sushi restaurant in Japan. It has gotten a perfect 3 star rating from the Michelin guide.

A very interesting story that made me want to travel to go eat there.

And one that made me wish I had a trade that I could and wanted to dedicate my self to, in order to try and achieve perfection.

But alas I am in an industry where perfection is pretty muchunachievable. All that is done is subjective. It is not one where knowledge is passed down. It is mostly one of hoarding power and information in order to extend ones own career.

But that is the difference where in one an 85 year old can still work everyday and be held so highly, and the other is one that if you are still relevant when you are 50 starts to be a miracle.

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