Monday, November 12, 2012

Not Aynonomous

It's times like these that blogging under my real name and also promoting that it's my blog, kinda suck.
Because I can't say whatever is on my mind.

Yeah I am very open and truthful, but still, some things are subjects I can't vent about.

I do know that I need to start telling some sort of stories on here again. I've gotten lazy. I used to have a series where I talked about past jobs I've had. Maybe I will start that up again. Or maybe I can finally tackle some of the ideas I've jotted down to write about, that I look at but never do.

I've fallen into the lazy trap here of posting links, pics, reviews. I still like it, but I feel the need for some meatier content. So if I don't follow through, call me out on it.

Maybe I will then.

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