Sunday, December 30, 2012

About A Few Movies

Watched Batman Begins last night so Nancy could freshen up before watching Dark Knight Rises tonight. I had forgotten how good the first of the trilogy is. I wish we could squeeze in Dark Knight today, just so we could watch all 3 so close to each other.

I tried to watch Mean Streets yesterday. I had tivo'd it in HD. I had only seen it once before long ago and had not really liked it. So I was going to give it a second chance. Nope still sucks. Boring, and many of the scenes play like a bad B movie.

Jett watched Wizard of Oz twice over his break thus far. The first time he watched it it made him cry because it ended so happy. He's such a sweet soul.

A few of us have also decided to see all the films we have yet to see that are on the AFI top 100 list. We started with Double Indemnity from 1944. It's a film noir movie, that uses the plot that has been done many times since: temptress woman gets a guy to help her kill her husband so they can collect the insurance money. The dialogue was snappy and interesting. But what I wish AFI did was explain why the movie was chosen. What is it's significance?

I also checked out the AFI list of 400 movies that were voted on to get down to the top 100. There were quite a few that I would have easily put on the list instead of some that ended up there. But so it goes. MAybe some day I can put together my top movie list.

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