Monday, December 3, 2012

Last of my cassetes

I've been spending some time converting the last of my cassettes that contain music I can't get anywhere else. They are made up of bands I was in as well as finally getting around to converting all the laffinstock songs I have.

It's been quite a trip down memory lane. One of the tapes contained the only recording that is left of songs that myself, jerald and roger played together. And they were damn good.


StlWalnut said...

Do you have a cassette to MP3 converter?

David said...

Same question here - What did you use to convert?

Jeff said...

cassette deck pluged in to the audio in. Then set sound to that rather than internal mic.
Then I have a simple program that you press one button to start and stop the recording. I then use Garageband set to monitor so I can hear the audio.