Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Anti Gun Argument

Below is a bit of a rant. You've been warned.

I've been reading and hearing lots of this as of late.

I was having a discussion with a person who is anti gun. And while the people who fall into that camp, typically say, ban guns. It's just not realistic. Even if you could stop the production and sale of all guns,  you would still have millions of guns that people already own.

Do you want to raid peoples homes and take their property?

And I'd just point at prohibition and the wars on drugs as key examples that if you make something illegal, the criminal element will swiftly take it over.

In my discussion I was asked why people need a pistol that holds 15 shots, along with many other whys.

My answer was because people like guns. It's that simple. I am sure that each person would have their specific reason, but it really boils down to that. Maybe they like them to hunt, maybe they like to shoot targets or maybe just like to stare at them.

And if you don't like guns, that's cool too. But here is something I had brought up in my discussion:

I said, currently abortion is legal. Many people don't agree with it. They hate it with every fiber of their being, and you (person I was talking to) vote for candidates who aim to keep abortion legal.

So just as pro-choice people feel about a persons right to be able to have access to abortion, so feel people who believe in the 2nd amendment.

So lets drop the ban guns issue. Lets work together to try and make society a better place in a realistic way. A way that appreciates different points of view.

Because there have been horrible human atrocities long before there were guns. And unfortunately there will continue to be, no matter what.

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