Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Need To Purge

I know why I have let it grow to the number it is...

To get more people to read this blog.

What the hell am I talking about? The number of Facebook friends I have. Currently it is at 688.

That is ridiculous.  I need to purge. But I'm not sure what criteria I should use to make those cuts.


The only time I post directly to Facebook is during the summer and it is nothing more than a check in at my pool.

So if you do get cut, you can still come directly here, or follow me on twitter. You will get the exact same ramblings.

This also leads me to something I have been thinking about.

There needs to be a new word between FRIEND and ACQUAINTANCE.

Any suggestions there?

So if you get cut, no hard feelings.


Paul said...

I have very specific rules that I used to cut from 500+ down to 191. 191 people that I genuinely like and care about.

1. Have I spent time with that person in the last two years?

2. Does that person constantly post uninteresting spam/religious/political views on facebook.

3. Is there something that truly bonds me to that person?

Jeff said...

I will use those filters.