Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Am A Mean Bastard

I was sitting in my office at home this afternoon. (had to work from home cause Jett's school was closed)

I hear shovels and voices right outside my office window. I mostly ignore it and assume it's the neighbors shoveling their driveway.

But the voices seemed off. So I look out the window. It's a group of young teenage boys. I assume just cutting through the yards. But...

They were cutting through and a bit more.

They were throwing sticks and logs.


Onto my pool cover. My frozen pool cover.

Logs on a frozen pool cover, tear it.

I open the back door and yell at them.

They take off running.

I throw on my boots and a jacket and chase after them.

They dropped a lot of their things. I was grabbing them to track them down if I didn't catch them.

But I caught them.

I most likely scared the shit out of them.

One of them lived where they ran to. After yelling at them, I told them to get a piece of paper and write down all they're names and phone numbers. But I kept one of them so they couldn't just disappear inside.

Poor kid was scared and apologizing profusely.

All ended well though. I can't go into more detail here to protect the parents identity.

Made for an exciting afternoon.

And probably scared them from doing something like that for quite awhile. Hopefully.


Matthew Maddox said...

Stay away from there, that's Ol' Man Rifkin's house, he's mean.

BexRocks said...

I would have done the same thing. Not cool, kids! Not cool.

Scott Beck said...

You are my hero.