Sunday, March 17, 2013

Movie Reviews

Sound City-

An interesting peek behind the scenes of rock and roll. The stories of the bands who recorded and met at that studio were very cool. The first 3/4 is about the studio. The last 1/4 is all about Dave Grohl buying the famed mixing board and putting it in his studio, and doing awesome sessions with some famous musicians.

The highlight of that part for me was Grohl, Homme and Reznor jamming together, figuring out a song. And watching how giddy they all were to work with Paul McCartney.

Well worth seeing.

Django Unchained-

Had had low expectations for this. Since Pulp Fiction, Tarantino has gone downhill. His movies have been mediocre at best, and that's being pretty generous.

My expectations were met. The movie was pretty bad. It was such a mish mash of stuff. Characters were not developed. Throwing in modern music felt so disjointed. It would go from purposefully B-movie, to trying to be more serious, to over the top bloody.

Characters did dumb things only to move the plot forward.

I am shocked this won an oscar for writing this year and even more shocked it was up for best picture. It wasn't even the best movie I watched yesterday. LEt alone the week, or most definitely the year.

I would love to see Tarantino do something good again. But all he's been doing are bad "homages" to exploitation films he's a super nerd about.

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