Sunday, April 21, 2013

Movie Reviews

To The Wonder-

I love Terrence Malik films. The simple subtle way he can tell a story is amazing. I always loved the sparse dialogue in his films, and this one takes it to an all new extreme. With nothing more than a bit of voice-over, there is basically no actual dialogue in the entire thing. As always it is beautifully shot.

It is a story of love, and relationships.

Definitely not a film for everyone. Will certainly be polarizing.

It was the last movie reviewed by Roger Ebert. Read it here.

Evil Dead-

Saw this in the theater last Wednesday. I went to a 1pm showing and was the only person in the theater. Some of the sound design was certainly creepy, and had me looking around a couple of times.

It is a good gross re-imagining of the campy original.

I look forward to a sequel.

Meet The Fokkens-

A documentary about twin sisters that have worked in the red light district in Amsterdam for 50 years.

Should be really interesting, right?

Well the filmmakers managed to take this crazy subject matter and make it boring, tell us very little.

Avoid this.

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