Monday, May 27, 2013

Movie Review And Other Crap

Beauty is Embarrassing-

An awesome documentary about Wayne White, an incredibly talented artist. He designed and ddi the voices for many of the puppets on Pee Wees Playhouse. His paintings are awesome and hilarious. You should watch this movie.

[His site]

Random thoughts and things done:

Saturday's FBC ride #100 was very fun. I did my first ride with them in 2007. I met a lot of great people back then. At Saturday's ride, two of my oldest sons friends showed up. It felt odd being called Mr. Rifkin at an FBC ride.

Jett, Nancy and I went down to the loop yesterday.

Jett and I had a tasty lunch at Bandana's today.

I wish my pool was swimmable. (soon it shall be)

Should I get a haircut or let it grow?

Had an awesome massage appointment this morning. Great way to start a day off.

Made some kick ass blackened salmon in a cast iron skillet last night.

Thus far... Successful weekend.

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brett said...

hey dude- watch that movie again and appreciate the end credits- all of that animation was done solely by mike murdock.