Monday, July 15, 2013


I was relaxing flipping to see if anything was on TV.

TNT had Dark Knight on. I hadn't watched it in quite a while, and I have been watching The Dark Knight Rises on HBO a lot lately. So I thought I'd watch it for a bit. I was sucked in, but then... commercial.

The movie was back on and I was still sucked in, then another commercial break. I couldn't take it. So I put the blu ray of the movie in. Elias and Sarah sat down with me to watch it. The movie is so good.

Then once it was over, I was thinking it but Sarah said it, "why don't we watch the next one?"

So we put in The Dark Knight Rises and watched it.

What a great Sunday I had:

Got to sleep in. (Jett had spent the night at grandmas)
Friends came over for brunch and pool fun.
Had some great food. (pork tacos for brunch and pork nachos for dinner)
Watched some Regular Show episodes we had never seen with  Jett.
Ending with 6 hours of Batman.

Successful Sunday!

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