Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lazy Blogger

I've had nothing to say.

I have been boring; Work, come home, swim, hang with Jett, watch TV, go to bed. Boring.

I did get some interesting St. Louis agency news yesterday.

I had lunch with Slappy (one of my old writers) today.

I went to the pool store to get our water tested this evening. Exciting. PPM is high in case you were wondering.

I watched Deep Throat. Since I had recently watched Lovelace and read Ordeal, it seemed like I really should see the movie it's all sort of about. Not sure why people were flocking to this in the early 70s. But hey I was like 4 years old then, so... who knows.

The same highway traffic issues drive me crazy everyday.

I still am very happy at my not so new job.

I've been listening to Obits a lot. Good good stuff. Check them out.

Well now back to nothing.

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