Monday, September 23, 2013

Haunted Prison

So a group of 5 of us went to JEfferson City to take the Haunted Penitentiary overnight 5 hour tour.

It was a lot of fun.

Starting with the train ride up. Had plenty of drinks. Got to town and had a good dinner. Found a good bar before heading to prison.

We toured r different buildings. There were about 18 people total on the tour. We were shown around as one large group and told stories of past events and past ghost sightings.

We then split into 3 smaller groups for some more serious ghost hunting.

I did not see anything but there were a few creepy moments:

1. while sitting in a cell on death row (where a prisoner was murdered) in the dark, I heard what sounded like a footstep out in the hallway. It made me take a step away from the cell door.

2. WHile sitting in a dungeon cell in the dark, everyone in our group heard voices. It sounded like a group of 8 or so people with a few talking quietly. When we came up from the cell, there was no one else in the entire building. Creepy.

Also a few times while strolling around away from the rest of the group, I got quite a case of the willies.

Our plan to stay up all night and drink outside, quickly failed since we were all very tired, it was cold and damp out (from all the fog). So we got a hotel room, slept till 9am and got some tasty breakfast before hoping back on the train and heading home.

Thanks to my friends who went and made this a good 24 hour outing.

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