Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Stop Calling

I signed up for Charter high speed internet a few months back.

I dig it.

What I don't dig is that they call me several times a week asking about getting more of their services. I am nearing the point of if they call and ask one more time I will cancel their service I do have and be done with them forever.

I also got a call from Directv today. I am a customer. And rather than calling and saying something great like we will lower your bill or we will give you X. They instead want me to sign up for more stuff.

HEY TV COMPANIES. I have a ton of choices now for my screen entertainment. leave me the hell alone and be happy that I give you any money each month. Or soon I will drop you all and go elsewhere.

Want to win me over? Give me shit. give me a free month for being a faithful customer. Offer to keep me at the lowest price deal you have going on, without me having to call and ask for it.

But never call me again wanting me to spend more with you.

It does the exact opposite that you want it to do.

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