Sunday, December 1, 2013

Movie Review

Valley Girl-

It had easily been 10+ years since I had last seen this. Although I watched it in high school more times than I could count. I used to love this movie.

Would it stand the test of time?

I was a little scared going in. I had ruined other movies of my past by watching them nowadays.

That was not the case with this.

There is still plenty of the music in it I like. The story is pretty much timeless (Romeo and Juliet).

The acting was good enough.

And there were still enough parts that were funny.

Sure the "kids" playing high school kids were all way too old:
Julie was 21
Randy (Nicholas Cage) shockingly was only 19
Loryb (Elizabeth Daily) was 22
Tommy (Michael Bowen) was 26

Check it out if you haven't seen it in a while.

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