Monday, December 30, 2013

Yesterday and Today

Watched football. Needed 4 games to go specific ways. First 3 went as I needed. Stupid Chiefs messed up the 4th. The Steelers would've been way better in the playoffs than the Chargers (who could barely beat the Chiefs (playing 20 back up players).

Watched School of Rock with Jett. I still love this movie.

Watched Some Cheap Trick concert on TV. They sounded damn good. And that Rick Nielson is 67 years old is crazy.

Watched House at the end of the street. Meh. It could've been good. But the ending was rushed and predictable. Poor character development. Not worth watching at all.

Jett and I went out to breakfast. Planned to go to Half & half. But they were closed. Then tried Original Pancake. They are closed on Mondays. So we ended up at Ihop. Then we went to the Galleria to kill some time. Got a blazer (on sale) at Fossil that I had looked at months ago. They had an awesome overnight bag that I really liked but I will wait till it gets cheaper.

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