Tuesday, January 21, 2014


We stopped by Left Bank today.

Just the table of new books was overwhelming. And I am sure that what they had is a drop in the bucket from all the recent books that have come out.

It made me start thinking that there needs to be a new way to learn about books, to know if you want to read them.

There needs to be the movie trailer for a book.

Not literally. But the idea of something quick that can show you enough to pique your interest.

Sure there are reviews, but they just don't seem to do books justice. What you get is a persons opinion. I want the opinion of the writer. Sell me on the book. Make me interested,

Other than reading authors I know, or the occasional suggestion of a friend, you pretty much have to judge a book by it's cover.

So who wants to solve the trailer for books problem?


Rachel Parkin said...

Not a published author, but I have been providing my friends with personal book shopper services over the past couple years. I ask them what they're looking in a book and then give them suggestions based on the criteria they gave me. I guess I could record them if you want them in that format.

StlWalnut said...


Pretty easy website for book reviews. Books recommended by friends are usually the best.

Ali said...

Though not a solution, I am a huge fan of http://gobookyourself.co. It is a user-generated site that provides recos based on books you have read and liked.

bpseher said...

hey it's brett-

i was waiting for you to like or shit all over my book trailer i sent you- but alas, no word. i hate you.

Stephanie said...

They have book trailers already! I've seen many, but this is the most recent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FxhTn9cEhI