Friday, January 24, 2014

Hardee's Philly Burger

Long ago, when I worked at a different agency, we worked on Hardee's. We were working on it when the Philly cheesesteak burger was originally launched.

We found it odd, and had no real desire to eat it. Meat on top of meat?

But we were doing an event at a Hardee's and they were giving out samples. We tried it.

It was delicious.

I became addicted.

Then they were no longer available.

Until recently when they returned.

I had also been seeing spots for their new fresh baked buns.

I stopped and got one the other night.

Holy crap, was it wonderful. The new buns make what was already good, pretty damn amazing.

And... I am not sure if it was a mistake or what, but my order had a hot apple pie in with it.

We are talking a pie similar to the old 1970's-1980's ones.

And man was it good too.

Now this really isn't going to help my winter weight gain, at all.

But... oh well.

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