Monday, January 6, 2014

Movie Review

Life of Pi-

I didn't see it when it was out. Nothing about it interested me.

It was on HBO, so I tivo'd it, since maybe Jett would like it.

We all watched it. It was just ok. It was too long. So much of the lifeboat scenes were so repetitive. yes I get it, life would be repetitive, but I don't need an hour of that to get it. The CGI looked great, but some it felt like it overshadowed a story that could've better if told far more simply.

I might have to give up on Ang Lee movies, I generally seem to not be much of a fan.

This bit of trivia is bizarre:
In the Edgar Allan Poe's novel book "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket", published in 1838, Richard Parker was a sailor who survived the sinking of his ship together with three others, but was cannibalized by the other three survivors in order to survive. In 1884, a ship called Mignorette sank in the ocean. Four people survived, including a cabin boy named Richard Parker, who was subsequently killed and eaten by the other three survivors.

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