Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's Really Not That Hard

At my sons school, there is a procedure for drop off and pick up. It's really not hard.

Yet there is rarely a day that some parent doesn't ruin it.

It's simple, if you need to get out of your car and help your kid or want to walk with them, etc- YOU PARK ON THE PLAYGROUND LOWER LOT!

If you are truly just dropping your kid off (there are 6 parking spots. They are even numbered)- YOU DRIVE TO THE LOWEST AVAILABLE NUMBER. YOUR KID GETS OUT. YOU DRIVE OFF.

Yet every day, people pull up right in front of the school, get out of their car. Or they stop at the first spot. God forbid their kid might have to walk 100ft to the door.

But when you stop so your kid doesn't have to awl las far, then everyone behind you has to then weave around you. Or…

While there might not be any other cars other than you at that moment. You know what, people could end up pulling in after you.

So, just follow the simple rules. Don't act like you don't know you are breaking them. Don't be a self important asshole. You're only passing it down to your kid.

Please and thanks.

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