Sunday, February 16, 2014


What a good day.

Went to a new place for lunch. It was a bit chaotic and my and Jett's OCD kicked in. But it all ended well.

Jett's friend Lauren came over to play. They had a blast for over 3 hours.

For me it was a quiet day of listening to music and reading. Oh and I watched the crappy movie reviewed in the previous post.

Finally finished a Jesse Ventura book I had been reading off and on for quite some time. Started a new pulpy detective book. The iPad had turned me back into quite the reader.

Listened to Sufjan Stevens all day. Had one of his albums but never really gave it much thought. But recently at Jake's it was on and I dug it. I would describe him as a musical version of Wes Anderson. It's mostly quiet acoustic stuff, but with a lot of heart and emotion. And with titles like, "Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois" and "Let's Hear That String Part Again, Because I Don't Think They Heard It All the Way Out In Bushnell", it has a similar quirkiness to it.

It was a perfect cold gray day.

Now I'm just enjoying a whiskey sour, before we head downstairs to chill out in front of the TV.

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