Sunday, March 30, 2014


Talk last night revolved around needing something to do.

What I find myself talking about far too much is work. I like what I do. I like where I work. But there is just so much more.

But I find myself going to work. Coming home. Eating dinner. Having a drink. Watching some TV, then repeating.

So I want a hobby.

We talked about starting a book club. Maybe even starting with a short story, to get it going.
We talked about a few of us buying some land and a small cabin.

Part of me would like to learn how to play piano.

I wish I liked gardening or working in the yard. But I don't.

Maybe I should take a class of some kind.

Random thought:
Oh yeah does anyone know where I could donate kids books to? And not goodwill or salvation army. I want them to go directly ti kids. Not a store shelf to collect dust.

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