Sunday, March 23, 2014

Random Lazy Post

I've watched quite a few movies lately. Here is what I thought:

Big Bad Wolves- An Israeli film. Equally fringe inducing, suspenseful and funny. Quite a feat.

The Place Beyond The Pines- Just as good as second time.

Nyphomanic Vol 1- Not shocking. Except how stupid it is.

Some Guy Who Kills People- Funny and original low budget movie.

The devils rejects- Still great after the who the hell knows how many times I've seen it.

I want this:

I have gotten several new albums-
Skaters- not bad. what I've listened to.
Foster the People- So far, so good.
Vista Chino- Kyuss minus Josh Homme.
Sufjan Stevens- Mellow great stuff.
Baby Huey- Classic 70's funk.

Heading into the office for a bit today. To wrap up things for two days of presentations this week.

Taking suggestions on who to draw on my iPad next. I just finished Spicoli from Fast Times.

Planning on getting tattooed first week of April. Need to squeeze some in before it's swim season, cause I don't want to miss out on days of swimming, for tattoo healing.

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