Sunday, March 9, 2014


It was an extreme lazy day today. Never even really got dressed. Watched some movie with the Rock in it. The one where he ttys to catch a drug dealer to help his son in prison. It had a good cast, but was slow and not all that good.

I also watched the last half of Gone baby Gone. An utterly depressing movie, but it is so good.

And I drew a lot today. I finished up The Narrator from Fight Club, started and scrapped Tyler Durden. And did Harry Dean Statton from Repo man. I really like the new stylus I got to draw with.

Got some new music. And plan to watch a movie tonight.

Yesterday, I took my other frames to get new lenses in them. And then watched a couple episodes of The Pitch. Quite possibly saw the biggest douche every in the Ad industry. Then we had a friend and his kids over for dinner and drinks.

Friday, Jett and I went out to dinner, and then we watched and TV.

Overall a mellow and enjoyable weekend.

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