Sunday, April 6, 2014

Amy Shumer

We went to see her do stand up last night.

It was enjoyable.

Although I am glad we had gotten the tickets basically free. (part of a gift basket at a silent auction).

There were enough funny parts to make it worth free.

Her opening act actually went on after her. Which I have no idea why, and it certainly seemed odd. Many people did leave, but most did stick around.

When she came out, I completely thought it was a man in drag. It wasn't.

She sang extremely crude songs. Showed the audience far more of what was under her dress than I really wanted to see.

And got a male audience ember up on stage and kinda molested him. 

This morning Nancy brought up what if it had been a male comedian who pulled up a female from the audience, how would it be perceived by the crowd?

Started with a good dinner at Alumni.

It was a fun evening out overall.

Thanks Meg for watching Jett. The services which were why we bid on the basket mentioned above.

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