Monday, April 28, 2014


So a friend of mine posted this photo taken at Jett's school today. During pick-up, there was an insane storm, that blew over 3 trees. This one landed on a car. A woman was in the car, and was somehow fine.

This weekend Nancy got a letter in the mail. No name on the return address, but it was from Florida. All it contained were Southwest airlines drink coupons. I did some web investigating and discovered who owned the house the letter was mailed from. Some older man, who we most certainly do not know. From previous oddness we do know there is another woman named the same as Nancy here. And she does live in Florida. But why this guy if he knows her and meant to mail it to her, would've ever gotten our address.

Very bizarre.

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Ali said...

But hey, on a positive note--free in-flight wine!