Thursday, April 17, 2014

Today And Other Crap

Kicking off the morning with a client presentation.

Then ending my day with going to talk to a design class taught by one of the art directors at Boxing Clever and look at their portfolios.

Aside from work as of late I have been boring. Work is the topic of far too many conversations. But I suppose that is a by-product of that pretty much everyone of my friends works in advertising. So what the hell else are we going to talk about?

It's why I started the book club. Although I think we might need to put the first book on hold and start with a short story. I quickly realized that "having" to read something brings me right back to the days of school. And I pretty much never read what was assigned. And the worst is I assigned this to myself.

So suggest some good short stories or authors who write them please.

I was supposed to get tattooed tomorrow. But unfortunately the appointment had to get cancelled. So if I want to still get tattooed I only have this month. I don't like to get tattooed once the pools open. Since while healing I can't swim and being out in the sun, is not good for healing time.

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