Monday, May 12, 2014

Random Crap

This weekend was full of yard work. And pool cleaning. Seeing old friends. And Mom time.

Went to brunch at Bricktops. Delicious as usual. Although glad we had a reservation this year. Went there last year for brunch on Mothers day and it was pretty empty. Yesterday was non-stop packed.

After all the pool cleaning this weekend, part of me really wants to have a pool cleaning company and do that for a living. I find it very relaxing. And actually pretty fun. And I'd be able to buy a sweet van to be a pool guy.

Annoyed it's supposed to be cold and rainy all week. Really ruins pool time.

Jett only has 9 more days of school left. This year has flown by.

Work has been normal paced. Which has been hard to get used to since I had been crazy busy. 

Drank way too much coffee today.

Still trying to read Inherent Vice. Not sure if I will make it through the whole thing. I also have 3 other books that I am reading, which makes reading a book I am not loving even harder to get through. I certainly have no idea how Paul Thomas Anderson plans to make a movie out of it.

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