Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More Of Being PC

So I am not an american indian. So I can't really say how offensive the Washington Redskins name is.
Is it something that offends the overwhelming majority of American Indians or people in general?

If it does, then I will shut up. AS I said, it doesn't offend me, but I am a white male.

If it is a small percentage of people, then this is yet another stupid Politically Correct move to make sure no one anywhere ever is offending in any way.

There is little that offends me. But the few things that do, I speak my mind and take my own actions.

Why am I saying any of this? Well I just saw this article about, The Redskins Have Been Stripped of Their Trademarks.

Why this is scary is this is a heavy handed way to force the owners to do something. What if these same tactics were used on not a billionaire but just a regular business owner?

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